Company History

In 1952 Janler Corporation was founded in a small storefront on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago by Josef F. Klingler, long-time innovator in the design and engineering of plastic molds. Under his guidance, by the 1960’s Janler was well established as the expert in producing high-precision, multi-cavity molds, while consistently holding tight part tolerances. From early on it became clear to Josef that few companies had plastic molding expertise comparable to Janler, so he started contract manufacturing plastic parts as well. By continually investing in new technology, Josef kept Janler at the forefront of the design, development and manufacturing of critical tolerance plastic injection molds in addition to plastic injection molding.

For decades, Joe Klingler was a leading voice within the global mold-making industry. Beyond serving on SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers) and SPI (Society of the Plastics Industry) advisory committees, Josef was a founding member of the American Mold Builders Association and board chair of the Chicago-based Tooling & Manufacturing Association (TMA), which he represented on a global basis. In 1987 Josef was named the “Mold Maker of the Year” by the Mold Making Division of the SPE. This award recognized his technical achievements in unique mold configurations, his many contributions to mold maker and apprentice education programs, and his active participation in numerous trade organizations. He followed up this honor with developing the world’s first unscrewing stack mold in 1988.

In 1989 Josef handed over the reins of Janler Corporation to his daughter, Carol Klingler Ebel, who has served as Janler’s president ever since. Carol has continued Janler’s strong commitment to the global plastics industry and is the first woman to serve as board chair of the Tooling & Manufacturing Association. In February, 2013 she was awarded the Rose Mottl Leadership in Manufacturing Award, which recognizes women who have made significant contributions to manufacturing. Under Carol’s guidance, Janler continues to operate at the forefront of high-precision plastic mold-manufacturing and injection molding.