Design / Engineering

Janler engineers are on the forefront of plastic piece part and injection mold design, development and manufacturing. Tapping into extensive experience and utilizing leading-edge software/technology, Janler can help to design your plastic components from conceptualization and ensure that they are optimized for molding. Janler’s engineers can then design injection molds, which are dependable, easy to maintain and interchangeable. If the design already exists, then Janler review the design for productivity and build the mold per exacting specifications.

To facilitate paperless mold design and manufacturing, Janler’s design engineers use Mastercam® and SolidWorks®, a combination of two leading software solutions that enables Janler to produce highly detailed computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM) drawings. They use CNC (Computer Numeric Control) Wire and HSM (high-speed machining) equipment to build high-precision molds to exacting tolerances. And they utilize our Wire EDM (electrical discharge machining), Automated Sinker EDM, and small-hole EDM capabilities to facilitate production of mold cores and cavities with high degrees of repeatability and dimensional accuracy. EDM tools enable us to make accurate and repeatable high-precision cuts, handle complicated draft angles, and inspect components inline.

With our high-precision machining capabilities, Janler offers total core and component interchangeability. By providing 100% interchangeability of mold parts and components, we can assure manufacturing companies that replacement parts for their molds will be identical in fit and function according to plan specifications. With this knowledge, Janler clients know they can produce consistent products anywhere in the world.