Low to High Cavitation Molds

Single cavity to hundreds of cavities for injection molds

The process of determining how many cavities per mold will optimize your productivity can be daunting. Whether to go with a low cavity mold or a high cavitation mold depends on your specific application.

A low cavity mold will have a shorter lead time and they are comparatively inexpensive, but in the end there will be a higher price per piece. This is generally most appropriate when the production quantities are low or for prototype molds.

Going with a high cavitation mold will be more expensive at the onset, but the resulting price per piece will be lower due to economies of scale. This becomes more and more appropriate with higher production quantities.

Janler works closely with customers to find the right balance and determine the optimum cavities per mold based upon the specific needs of each customer and their application. Experienced and adept at low cavity to high cavity (200+) molds, Janler maintains the highest precision, repeatability and cost-effectiveness no matter how many cavities are involved.