Made In USA

Every mold with Janler’s name on it is manufactured in the United States of America. For over 60 years in Chicago, IL, our highly skilled mold makers have been developing and passing down the intricate knowledge required to build tolerance critical tooling. When you see the Janler logo on an injection mold you can rest assured that the tool was manufactured with pride in the USA and is steeped in a tradition of manufacturing excellence.

Quite often Janler is asked to fix injection molds built overseas. On many occasions we have been shocked by the poor workmanship and lack of attention to detail. Regardless, we have become experts in reworking overseas molds. Unfortunately when the cost of fixing certain tools is added to the purchase price, the overall cost is sometimes greater than if the tool was built in the USA. Compounded with a long lead time, ensuing delays, and shipping costs, the overall costs can far exceed what could have been paid for a quality, Made In the USA, plastic injection mold.