Inside view of a Plastic Injection Mold

Leveraging over 60 years of experience in mold-making and molding, Janler now stands as one of the leading manufacturers and service providers for plastic injection molds and plastic injection molding in the Midwest. Having always invested in the newest technologies and machinery, Janler has maintained its position as the go-to company for plastic injection services, including part/mold design, mold manufacturing and a full range of molding services.

Design / Engineering

Janler's engineers bring decades design and development experience within the plastics injection industry. The design team can bring concepts, sketches and ideas to reality thru creative design, prototype, pre-production and eventually production tooling. In-house mold sampling and production molding is an advantage Janler provides to clients, assuring molds have been proven out for mechanical function as well as processing cycles.

Mold Manufacturing

Customers worldwide look to JANLER for manufacturing cutting-edge plastic molds developed through proven design and engineering expertise, while benefiting from value-added services ranging from mold sampling to mold evaluation and maintenance. By always utilizing the latest mold-making technologies 100% interchangeability of parts and components is attained, assuring that replacement parts for molds will be identical in fit and function according to detailed specifications, and giving clients the confidence that they can be used anywhere around the world. Capabilities include, but are not limited to, hot runner / runnerless molds, collapsing-core molds, rotating-core molds, encapsulating molds and unscrewing stack molds, which was first developed by JANLER.

Injection Molding

Full, in-house plastic injection molding services from sampling/prototyping to high-volume production utilizing state of the art molding machines. With an uncompromising approach to quality and an unwavering commitment to clients, Janler will do every possible to exceed expectations and deliver parts on time. Product assembly and other post molding services.


Servicing various industries including Medical / Healthcare / Dental, Consumer Packaging / Personal Care, Household / Industrial, and Electronics / Appliances, JANLER helps clients optimize productivity and minimize manufacturing costs, strengthening the ability of OEM’s to compete effectively on a global basis.