Sampling / Pre-Production / Production

Mold sampling, qualification and capability studies are but a few of the services offered by Janler. Whether you have a mold that you would like debugged or you have ordered a mold from Janler, all molds are tested on our injection molding machinery prior to leaving our facilities to make sure that the mold and the molded parts meet the specifications and requirements of any project.

Many times customers’ plans change and they may not be able to start molding as soon as anticipated, but parts are still needed to fulfill requirements. Janler is accustomed to pre-production runs to fill in the gaps in production.

Janler has been running 24-hour plastic injection molding facilities for over half a century and is well equipped to handle high-volume production runs as well. With a full-service molding department that collaborates closely with our mold making department, we are well positioned to offer complete injection molding services.